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By listening closely to you, we’re creating solutions that make it easier for your organisation to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to address your specific challenges and meet your immediate and future goals.

Breaking down the IoT barriers

Vodafone UK is launching a new range of services that will open the doors to IoT adoption across the business spectrum. In partnership with IoT.nxt, part of the Vodafone Group, we now offer an end-to-end IoT solution controlled from a single platform that can seamlessly integrate old and new devices within a single system. This means you can now enjoy a complete IoT solution, whatever your organisation, with Vodafone providing not only sensors and devices, but also a data management platform to enable you get the most from the technology. And all wrapped in a range of supporting services to help you navigate your IoT journey in a way that best suits your organisation. So it has never been easier to track, monitor and manage any assets to provide your business with vital data, insight and control. Commenting on the new IoT.nxt partnership, Anne Sheehan, Business Director at Vodafone UK said:

"We’re making it easy for any business to adopt IoT. We’re taking away complexity, and making it simple to deploy, simple to manage, and simple to see the return on investment"

Which sectors can most quickly benefit from end-to-end IoT?

All organisations can improve decision making and performance by adopting IoT technology, but it can currently be most transformational for these six sectors. Read more...

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IoT in 30 seconds: Watch Actor Stephen Mangan sum up IoT

Our latest innovations developed to support our customers and their priorities

Smart buildings – saving energy, improving wellbeing and performance

The pandemic caused an immediate and unexpected change in working patterns and building use, the long-term implications of which are still being assessed. Read more...

Heat detection – keeping your people safe in challenging times

By accurately and discretely screening people for raised body temperature using thermal imaging powered by IoT. Read more...

Smart Hub – Take Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere you need it

Ensure your team stays connected and productive, wherever their work takes them with Vodafone Smart Hub, which provides a Wi-Fi signal in any location. Read more...

Smart Vision – Optimise your safety and security strategy

IoT technology enables organisations to take remote surveillance to a new level to not only maximise the security of sites, buildings and assets. Read more...

Connected health – Transforming how we deliver care and treatment

While the pandemic has driven the acceleration of digital technology in healthcare, new innovations like IoT and 5G can go much further by enabling millions of devices to be connected simultaneously and responses to occur in less than 10 milliseconds, which is essentially real time. Key benefits include... Read more...

Professor Shafi Ahmed: ‘Technology will completely transform healthcare’

Better home care

Vodafone’s Connected Living helps people with care needs live better lives. A range of intuitive IoT devices make everyday activities – such as household tasks and socialising – easier. Controlled by the bespoke app Vodafone MyLife, they help users control their own environment increasing their independence.

Drone monitoring – Enabling remote inspection of industrial site

A consortium of 16 organisations, including Vodafone, has won funding to develop and test a remotely operated drone system for industrial and urban environments. Vodafone’s Radio Positioning Service will be integrated into’s enterprise drone command and control system, complementing current satellite-based GPS location technology. The aim is to develop a system that will enable remote inspection and monitoring of industrial sites, from nuclear power stations to oil and gas installations.