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The security to innovate

The Vodafone Business Security Enhanced team explain why it’s vital to have a data-safe environment so you can embrace the latest digital technologies with confidence.

“With digital innovation comes an increasing reliance on data for making key strategic decisions,” says Steve Knibbs, Head of Vodafone Business Security Enhanced (VBSE). And as 5G coverage spreads, ramping up network speed and reliability, while powering smarter analytics, the hunger for data will grow further. This will be fed by connectivity and the Internet of Things, which gathers data from across organisations through smart sensors. “The result is that the number of digital connections across businesses will explode, with everything connected digitally in one way, shape or form,” says Dave Parkin, Head of VBSE Architecture. This will drive better communication and collaboration, increasing efficiency, performance and productivity, but will also make organisations more prone to data breaches. “There are now so many more ways for hackers to attack businesses, and so many routes in to choose from,” says John Wadsworth, Head of VBSE Operations.

According to Knibbs: “It’s a perfect storm with data, digital connections and cyber threats all on the rise.” However, he insists that this is not something organisations should fear. The answer is not to stop innovating, which would be catastrophic from a business perspective, but rather ensure you have the appropriate cybersecurity strategy in place. “In fact, cybersecurity is a key part of your digital journey,” says Wadsworth. However, he warns against simply installing an off-the-shelf solution, because there is no one-sized-fits-all answer to enterprise cybersecurity. “First, it’s important to pin down your critical data and services, and identify how they might be compromised,” advises Parkin. “Then carefully consider how you can deploy affordable, realistic, effective protection.” This is likely to involve a combination of solutions, which is why partnering with a cybersecurity expert can help to ensure you get a strategy that’s tailored to your business needs, using best-in-class products and following best practice methods.

This is vital to protect your revenues and your reputation. Attacks can result in costly downtime, while data breaches can damage your brand, which is key to attracting customers and building trust in the marketplace. You can’t put a price on your reputation, but you can ensure you minimise the risk to it being tarnished. “What’s more,” adds Parkin, “Getting cybersecurity right from the start means you can innovate with confidence.” Vodafone Business Security Enhanced provides the expertise, network and technology that enables you to make smarter decisions about your organisation’s digital safety. And with 20% of the worlds’ internet traffic crossing Vodafone networks, we’re ideally positioned to deliver strategies for defending your business against a cyber-attack.

Connecting Cornwall

June was a busy month for Vodafone in the South West. We not only provided fixed line connectivity for the G7 Summit, but also gave Newquay’s Fistral Beach and St Keverne on The Lizard access to fast Vodafone 4G mobile internet, thanks to new mobile technology called OpenRAN. These two Cornish locations are only the second and third Vodafone OpenRAN sites to go live in the UK – and hundreds more rural communities in the South West are set to benefit from the technology by 2027. Pioneered by Vodafone, OpenRAN technology allows telecoms operators to change the way they build and manage networks, making it more flexible, greener and cost-efficient.

Safer roads through real-time alerts

A new road safety system providing trustworthy, real-time information to motorists is being tested live in the West Midlands. The ‘cellular vehicle-to-everything’ system (C-V2X), developed by Vodafone, Nokia and Chordant, sends the latest information about lane closures, speed restrictions and traffic incidents from participating local road authorities to motorists’ smartphones via an app.

Meet the next phase of 5G

UK cities Cardiff, Manchester and London have been chosen for the launch of a commercial pilot of the next phase in the evolution of mobile network infrastructure: 5G Standalone, run by Vodafone. Existing 5G overlays 5G equipment on underlying 4G infrastructure, whereas with 5G Standalone, all elements of the network have been designed for the 5G era. This delivers new levels of reliability, latency and flexibility.

Ramping up 5G

Organisations across the UK – in urban, suburban and rural areas – will enjoy better 5G coverage thanks to a new agreement between Vodafone and O2 that enhances their existing mast-sharing partnership. Both telecommunications companies are now also trading bands to create more efficient blocks of 5G spectrum. This will boost network speeds, reduce latency even further and increase energy efficiency.