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Our latest innovations designed to help you overcome your business challenges.

From cutting-edge networks that support modern working practices to unified communications that transform the way your people talk to each other and your customers, Vodafone innovates with your needs front of mind.

Your network, your way

The increasing reliance on digital technology to connect workforces, streamline processes and support more dynamic operations, such as order and pay apps, means businesses need a network that not only provides fast, reliable and secure connectivity, but can also be tailored to their specific needs to optimise both productivity and value.

Your all-in-one SDN

Vodafone SD-WAN’s fast, reliable and secure environment empowers you to manage your network your way. Choose from multiple access technology options, including MPLS and Internet, Fixed and Mobile – or a combination – to stay connected, ready for any challenge. Our SDN-WAN also allows you to connect your branch site locations and remote users safely, through secure internet access or cloud service providers, using Vodafone’s Cloud Connect solution.

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Forrester names Vodafone and SD-WAN leader Underlining the quality and security of our SD-WAN, global consultancy Forrester has named us a “Leader” in SD-WAN services in “The Forrester Wave™: Software-Defined WAN Services, Q4 2020” report based on our “multiple SD-WAN platforms and the security integration across each”.

Talking sense

The traditional Integrated Services Digital Network will be switched off in 2025, so now’s the time to rethink your business communications – calling, meetings and customer contact – so that it’s flexible, reliable, scalable and secure enough to support the demands of your modern hybrid workforce and a constantly changing marketplace.

But where do you start?

The first thing you need is simplicity – ideally a single communications platform that can flex to accommodate various workstyles and all the different ways your people want and need to communicate. You need an optimised seamless connected experience on any device, anywhere – mobile, desk phone, soft phone – for voice or video calls. Vodafone’s new partnership with RingCentral, ranked as a best-in-class cloud-based telephony leader by Gartner and Forrester, has the answer.


Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral is an all-in-one business communications platform... read more>

Evolving with you

The platform can be standalone or fully integrated with current and future applications... read more>

Whether you’re calling or meeting

Here’s a run-down of the key features Vodafone UC in partnership with RingCentral delivers... read more>

Reinventing the possible with MEC

Ground-breaking services previously impossible to develop can now be realised in the UK thanks to Vodafone’s launch of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), in partnership with AWS Wavelength. The joint venture brings Amazon Web Service computing and storage services to the edge of Vodafone’s network, enabling applications that require increased speeds, massive bandwidth and ultra-low latency, such as industrial automation, video analytics, artificial intelligence and interactive live video streaming. MEC allows applications to be hosted closer to the end user, which means data does not have to cross the internet to be processed in locations around the world. Consequently, lag, known as latency, can almost be eradicated as data is both captured and processed closer to the end-user device, offering much faster response times and a far better experience. Other advantages include heightened security, lower cost and scalability.

Vodafone will initially offer this service to businesses in and around London together with a range of towns and cities in Southern England and Wales, including Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Cardiff. It will then be rolled out to Scotland and Northern England in 2022. This is the first time MEC services have been available anywhere in Europe.

Bringing the incredible to life

Here are examples of five recent pilots showcasing what Vodafone MEC and AWS Wavelength can achieve... read more>

Experience the Vodafone Business MEC with AWS Wavelength UK Launch Event for yourself:

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