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Focusing on #TogetherWeCan… get future-work ready

Let’s come together to use the latest technology to create a motivated, resilient workforce that can rise to any future challenge. Over the past few months, we’ve learned the importance of digital technology to provide the agility organisations need to react quickly and positively to sudden challenges. But let’s not forget that the real heroes here are your people. Their ability to adopt new technology and ways of working holds the key to future success. Innovation alone is not enough. No one can predict the future, but the key is to be ready for anything by developing a flexible, resilient organisation. Technology and innovation is vital but being truly future ready demands having a motivated, productive and resilient workforce.

Getting your people future-work ready

Whether you bring all, some or none of your workforce back to the office, there’s no escaping that work is now digital and mobile. Your people know this too, along with the flexibility and choice it can give them, and the tools it can provide to enable them to work better and happier – the key to optimising productivity and motivation. Giving them the ability to work anywhere will also drive the resilience they will need to ensure your organisation can successfully negotiate future hurdles. So in this new world of work, building productivity, motivation and resilience in your people demands creating a supportive digital working environment.

The freedom to perform

According to Deloitte’s recent report The Digital-Ready Workplace*, this starts with thinking about the workplace not as a location, but rather a non-geographically defined digital workspace that connects your more >

Beyond technology

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Supporting returners

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Lost Connections – key findings:

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Compassion and fairness for all

Vodafone is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our people and the wider UK society. Here are three ways we are helping to drive positive change in our business and across the nation.

Flexibility and choice after lockdown

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Towards a National Prosperity Plan

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Driving inclusion for all

The recent anniversary of George Floyd’s murder highlighted once again the ugly truth that racism is still endemic in much of our society. At Vodafone, we were determined to make a difference... read more >