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5G and digital transformation your way

How forging close technology partnerships is helping cutting-edge connectivity transform the way you do business

Successful digital transformation doesn’t start with technology. It starts with you and a thorough understanding of: your sector, your organisation, and the challenges you need to address. Then it must be tailored or further developed to suit your objectives. Only then can the maximum value and benefit be derived. What’s more, each new application should be used to inform the next to create a continuous feedback loop that constantly refines technology to drive innovation.

Customer first

By immersing its teams in two different areas of the public sector – Defence and education – Vodafone has devised two contrasting strategies that create a platform for ongoing transformation and future success.

The Agile Edge

Vodafone has taken its deep knowledge and experience in digital transformation and partnered with Defence organisations to challenge the status quo and digitise the battlespace.

The Elastic Classroom

Driven by how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed education, Vodafone has taken its existing work on digitising education to a new level and developed industry-leading technology to remove barriers to learning access, connectivity and innovation.

5G your way

Just like no two businesses are the same, neither is their application of technology. Take the much talked about and anticipated 5G. It isn’t simply the next phase of mobile connectivity. Its success depends on being applied in the right way to meet the specific business objective. This demands a two-way partnership that uncovers the specific challenges facing an organisation, then develops a 5G strategy tailored to meet them head on. Here are two recent examples that have won Vodafone ‘the Operator With The Best 5G Industry Deployment ‘category at the 5G Week Awards 2020 :

Working with Ford to develop one of the first 5G factories

Building a standalone private 5G campus network with Lufthansa Technik

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How recorded video evidence is helping protect vulnerable witnesses

Vodafone’s secure video recording service is enabling eye witnesses to pre-record their evidence remotely in advance of a criminal trial, significantly reducing the stress of giving evidence infront of a full courtroom.

Supporting HM Courts & Tribunals service

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What's next in IoT?

Vodafone has launched a new range of IoT services that will remove barriers to IoT adoption for UK businesses. Through IoT.nxt, part of the Vodafone family, Vodafone will offer customers every part of an IoT solution, with a single data management platform, and the capability to integrate old and new devices in one system.

As part of the new range of services, Vodafone will provide IoT sensors and devices, create a data management platform, and offer ongoing professional services. This complete offering will ensure IoT is accessible to all businesses, including those that do not have specialist capabilities in-house.

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