Behind the scenes at Vodafone

Accelerating recovery through V-Hub

Recognising the need to take urgent action to help get small to medium-sized businesses back on their feet post-COVID-19, Vodafone stepped up to the plate.

No business is immune to the effects of the pandemic, but small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly susceptible, lacking the resources of their larger counterparts – and they have been hit much harder. As the pandemic continues to rage across the globe, Vodafone saw the urgent need to support SMEs to help them grow their profits and accelerate the recovery process. Further research drilled down into the support business owners thought they needed right now, giving valuable insight into where help should come from. It revealed that:

  • 77% need to make better use of digital tools to grow their business
  • 82% need to expand their presence online
  • 40% felt a lack of online sales was holding them back
  • 25% didn’t know enough about cyber security

Answering the call, V-Hub was launched, a business support platform that can be utilised by your SME customers, offering key guidance to give them a digital booster. V-Hub enables your SMEs to connect directly to their own dedicated expert business adviser, who offer help tailored to their specific challenges. The aim is to provide vital knowledge, training and support to help SMEs through the pandemic and bounce back strongly during the recovery. It also provides online guides, videos and webinars via an online knowledge centre.

Small Business Knowledge Centre

Packed with insight and support, our Small Business Knowledge Centre makes it quick and easy to search for the topic you’re looking for guidance on, then browse through a range of related insights. Choose from categories including digital skills, cybersecurity, future readiness and remote working, or dive straight into topics like digital marketing, e-commerce, productivity and website creation. Here’s a selection of some of our latest guidance:

Increase customer loyalty

Keeping your customers coming back can be simple when you know how. As more and more businesses go online, customer options are increasing Read more...

The best ways to pay online

With the pandemic limiting our ability to shop in person, more people than ever before are shopping online Read more...

Protect your business from spyware

Not always at the forefront of business owners’ minds, if neglected, cyber crime can undermine all your hard work Read more...

Small Business one-to-one support

Perhaps you have a query that’s not currently covered by our Small Business Knowledge Centre or you’re are facing a specific challenge that’s holding you back Read more...

Free training in online marketing

Vodafone has partnered with social media leaders Facebook and LinkedIn to provide a range of free courses that will help you to develop invaluable digital skills so you can engage more effectively with your online audiences and drive revenues.

Facebook Learning for Business

Although it offers access to some of the biggest social media platforms and audiences, Facebook remains a mystery to many small businesses as a marketing tool. Read more...

Develop your digital skills

Boost your online marketing and social media engagement skills with a range of self-paced learning courses from LinkedIn. Read more...

Help launching your web presence with Wix

One of the most popular website development platforms boasting over 180 million registered users worldwide, Wix is partnering with Vodafone to make it quick, easy and cost-effective Read more...

Keeping customers connected

To make the most of the latest digital technologies and support flexible and remote working, your customers need a robust network they can depend on, wherever they are. Here’s how Vodafone is working with its customers and partners to increase business resilience…

Transforming our network

Vodafone has invested £4.5 billion in improving our network over the past five years, more than ever before, focusing on four key areas. read more...

Never far away

Having reliable connectivity is just as essential for businesses in rural areas as it is in cities. But wherever you are in the UK, you can be sure that a Vodafone engineer is close at hand read more...

Plugging the connectivity gaps

Vodafone will play a key role in delivering the first stage of the Shared Rural Network, a £1 billion project to improve connectivity to the more remote parts of the UK read more...

Why Vodafone for small business?

New Vodafone Pro Broadband: Unbreakable broadband at an unbeatable price

Small businesses need to level up their digital capabilities in order to survive the pandemic

Get free broadband for 2021

To help you rebound strongly through the recovery and make the most of your digital tools, Vodafone is offering small businesses 12 months of broadband for free with just a £20 plus VAT set up charge... Read more...