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Joining forces to support partners with #WhatsNext… together

As the new shoots of recovery appear, it’s time to plan for future success

Although UK business entered 2021 still in the shadow of the pandemic, the New Year has brought new hope, with vaccinations being rolled out across the country. These first signs of recovery mean that, however you or your customers have been affected, now’s the time to look forward and plan for a post-COVID future. So what’s next, together?

To help overcome the unprecedented challenges faced last year, many organisations accelerated digital transformation to gain the agility needed to improve the way they work and, where necessary, stay operational and minimise disruption through remote working and collaboration. The challenge this year is growth and to make the most of the recovery. At Vodafone Business, we’ve been working alongside our partners, reassuring them that we are here for the long haul to provide the best value and experience for them and their customers.

Why Vodafone – Connectivity?

Welcome to a new frontier in connectivity where bandwidth-hungry businesses are migrating from a myriad of traditional products to a new generation of fully integrated connectivity solutions. This provides a huge opportunity for partners like you to help your customers and it’s a journey we can take together. The connectivity needs of today’s businesses have been changing for some time, made all the more urgent by the pandemic, which has seen a big rise in remote working, the shift of processes to the cloud, and cybercriminals targeting vulnerable organisations. Businesses are now more dependent than ever on the availability and reliability of the internet. We believe that connectivity solutions designed to help businesses to be better are essential to flourishing in this new world of work.

How the Polo Mint Effect will boost local businesses

The pandemic has changed the way we work forever, with the shift to home working reviving and growing local economies. The new wave of broadband solutions will provide a breath of fresh air for local small businesses, providing the connectivity they need to capitalise on this new normal and cement lasting change, from convenience stores to cafés, restaurants and more. Find out how the growing availability of Fibre to the Premises can help meet the demand created by a resurgence in local businesses by not only providing a reliable connection, but also key opportunities for growth.

Navigating the challenging ‘last mile’ of remote working

Some 65% of senior business leaders say they will increase their IT spend in the coming year, with a key aim to solve the crucial problem in sustainable long-term home working or the ‘last mile’. Essentially, how to close the gap between provider and home to banish lags on video calls, poor connections during meetings and slow-to-load software. Making the jump from stop-gap to future-ready. With a recession looming, it’s vital this money is invested in the right place to optimise performance and minimise costs. Find out how together we can help customers move forward to realise their ambitions by focusing on the technology that will create exponential value…

Don’t let home working be a hackers’ paradise

The move to remote working requires a stronger line of cyber defence due the increased vulnerability of data being shared across multiple locations and devices. With hackers striking on average every 39 seconds, it’s no surprise that the information security market is forecast to grow to $170.4 billion in 2022. This creates a big opportunity for IT solutions that offer productivity as well as protection. Find out how you we can work together to capitalise on this demand by delivering solutions that protect your customers against cyber threats across different networks and locations, without sacrificing speed or flexibility so they can rationalise their digital technology and cybersecurity spend.

Vodafone’s connectivity portfolio offers an end-to-end approach that delivers network-wide, building-to-building and internet connectivity, with the speed, security and performance you’d expect from a leading provider. For example…

  • Our software-defined Ready Network connects organisations with the cloud, with in-built security and end-to-end SLAs.
  • Our IP-VPN service builds a private, secure network to intelligently connect multiple sites and remote employees, home and abroad.
  • Ideal for enterprises, Ethernet Wireline and Ethernet VPN deliver high quality and secure connectivity across the UK. For high bandwidth and latency-sensitive operations, Dedicated Ethernet E-line and Dedicated Ethernet Optical deliver secure point-to-point connections.
  • Dedicated Internet Access removes the problems and perils of public internet, and instead optimises websites, intranets and application performance with reassuring security options.
  • Our end-to-end LAN/WLAN service helps customers to standardise their networks, create digital services and improve productivity.

As a partner, you can rely upon us to provide your customers with a great value robust network backed by unrivalled expert support. This is in addition to Vodafone giving you the training you need, along with access to the latest innovations and our commitment to being easier than ever to do business with. Find out how working with Vodafone can open up new possibilities for connectivity and how we can work together to build better businesses…

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