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Onecom announces another strand to its strategic partnership with Vodafone, with a five-year agreement to add market leading Vodafone Software Defined Networking Solutions to its OneCloud Managed Service Platform. Onecom, the UK’s leading Managed Cloud Communications Provider has strengthened its strategic partnership with Vodafone with the addition of SIP and SD-WAN connectivity to its market leading OneCloud Platform. The OneCloud platform (formerly known as the Olive CMSP) has been developed over the past three years to provide a one-stop cloud aggregation point that enables customers to consume services from multiple providers in a single secure portal. Read more...

Kathy Quashie Head of Indirect Business at Vodafone UK

“Olive continue to set the benchmark for driving innovative solutions to unlock new values for customers, and were one of the first partners to align closely to Vodafone’s SD-WAN proposition. They work closely in collaboration with our UK team to co-create bespoke solutions, for a highly valued customer base. Olive have demonstrated a true ambassadorship for innovation when working with Vodafone and its portfolio to drive equity and growth within both businesses.”

IoT your way?

Introducing a new Vodafone partnership that will make IoT quicker and easier to adopt, plus how we’re collaborating with organisations to customise the technology to meet their needs.

Breaking down the IoT barriers

Vodafone UK is launching a new range of services that will open the doors to IoT adoption across the business spectrum. In partnership with IoT.nxt, part of the Vodafone Group, we now offer an end-to-end IoT solution controlled from a single platform that can seamlessly integrate old and new devices within a single system. This means you can now enjoy a complete IoT solution, whatever your organisation, with Vodafone providing not only sensors and devices, but also a data management platform to enable you get the most from the technology. And all wrapped in a range of supporting services to help you navigate your IoT journey in a way that best suits your organisation. It has never been easier to track, monitor and manage assets to provide your business with vital data, insight and control.

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IoT in 30 seconds: Watch Actor Stephen Mangan sum up IoT

Commenting on the new IoT.nxt partnership, Anne Sheehan, Business Director at Vodafone UK said:

“We’re making it easy for any business to adopt IoT. We’re taking away complexity, and making it simple to deploy, simple to manage, and simple to see the return on investment.”

Which sectors can most quickly benefit from end-to-end IoT?

All organisations can improve decision making and performance by adopting IoT technology, but it can currently be most transformational for these six sectors. Read more...

IoT in action: Learning about climate change in Surrey and Northumberland

A pioneering IoT project from Vodafone UK, Forest Research and the UK Government aims to measure just how effective trees are at absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By attaching sensors to trees in the forests of Surrey and Northumberland, the initiative could help answer some pressing questions such as how forests can be used to mitigate the effects of climate change or what species to plant now that will be best suited for a climate a hundred years in the future.

Market leadership - investment in 5G

How Vodafone’s 5G network is already starting to make waves across UK organisations…

Virgin Media mobile customers get 5G in 100 locations

An exclusive partnership with Vodafone’s 5G network is turbo boosting Virgin Media’s mobile service across the UK. Virgin customers in 100 locations with a 5G-enabled smartphone can enjoy a more reliable mobile service with up to 4.5 times faster connection speeds than they currently receive from 4G at no extra charge. Virgin Media mobile customers will also continue to benefit as Vodafone UK’s 5G network expands into more UK locations in the future.

Former Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery on the exclusive Virgin Mobile deal

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Public demand for a 5G-powered NHS

Through innovation and hard work, the NHS has changed its working practices at speed over the past year, with digital technology central to its ability to continue functioning effectively and serving the people who depend on it. Read more...

5G helps organisations rule the waves in Plymouth

Plymouth Sound, a bustling bay forming part of the UK’s historic south-western seaboard, will soon be equipped with a 5G mobile private network (MPN) built by Vodafone UK and available for businesses and academics to use in their testing and research on the waters. Read more...

Yorkshire hosts the world’s first 5G-connected gas plant

In a first for the oil and gas industry, energy giant Centrica will use a Vodafone 5G mobile private network (MPN) to create a “fully connected digital ecosystem” at one of its natural gas plants in Easington, Yorkshire. Read more..