Behind the scenes at Vodafone Business

Building better businesses together

Strengthening our partnerships when we need it most to maximise opportunities for all

It’s more important than ever to stay in contact with customers. In these challenging times, they need your help to navigate the issues they face and ensure their business continuity. It’s leading many firms to reassess their strategies in terms of where they should be directing their efforts and technology investments. They’re looking at new ways they can adapt to this new reality. Some firms are also using it as an opportunity to go further and reimagine how they operate to best position their business and be even more resilient in the future. Working together, we’re well placed to help businesses of all sizes rise to the challenges they face.

Whether they need to adapt to changing customer needs and behaviour, ensure the productivity of a remote workforce, take cost out, better secure their operations or innovate to pivot their business, together we can help build better businesses. This is why, behind the scenes, we’re improving our proposition to help you, our Partners, become more innovative and successful. There’s an industry-wide effort to be more customer-centric – and at Vodafone that’s no different. We’re reinventing our offer to Partners – and we want to bring you the best of Vodafone so you can help unlock more growth opportunities for their businesses.


Working together to build better businesses

We’re investing in our team, our products and our service, so that we can support you in developing new solutions, winning customers, and achieving growth.

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Making it easy to work together

We’re changing the way our team works with you and streamlining the online user experience

  • Improving our digital Partner Portal experience to automate and streamline key processes
  • Allocating dedicated Account Managers per Partner account to improve level of service and accountability when troubleshooting
  • Building out the Partner Hub to ensure marketing and sales content is relevant and easy to find

Supporting your growth efforts

Leverage our market insights, our marketing resources and our globally known brandand streamlining the online user experience

  • Our Partner Programme series keeps abreast of innovation, opportunities and market trends
  • Our CVM team are there to help you improve the way you go to market; customer insight, prospecting and nurturing marketing support
  • Our Partner Hub is full of great resources: training, product info, marketing collateral and more

Competitive products and pricing

We’re making it as easy as possible to choose Vodafone, with longer term agreements and greater flexibility

  • Implemented more flexible commercial frameworks and incentives, giving our sales team greater autonomy
  • Created longer term agreements that give clarity over commercials and predictability of pricing
  • Ensuring our tariffs maintain parity with market rate, and are market leading as often as possible

Using innovation to unlock new value

5G and IoT are central to the next phase of disruption and growth across all markets, we’ll get you there first

  • Market leading capabilities in IoT – and at the forefront of new developments in 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing and Cloud
  • Our Innovation Hub in Media City is the perfect place to experiment with new technology
  • At a time of unprecedented change, we have world-class network security capability
“Our new proposition is all about looking forward and helping them to maximise opportunities from working with Vodafone. This is just the beginning of a new journey with Partners. Together, we want to innovate to find new sources of value and growth.”
Kathy Quashie - Head of Indirect Business

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