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Where do we go from here?

Reset, rebound, reimagine - navigating your business successfully through a post-Covid world

Nothing could have prepared businesses for what has happened this year - the unprecedented upheaval and disruption on a global scale that has fundamentally changed how we live and work. Naturally, this led to a major focus on short-term firefighting, in the quest to plot a route to the other side as quickly as possible. But now it’s vital to set a new course for this evolving world – to rebound from the challenges we’ve all faced, rethink and adapt to ensure you’re as ready as you can be to deal with any fresh challenges, and stay in tune with new customer needs and preferences. The question is…how do you start to navigate your way through?

What's next?

Although the current chaos has hit most businesses very hard, some have dealt with the situation better than others, reimagining how their business can operate. To understand what success looks like going forward, Vodafone went in search of those organisations that have adapted and are future ready now, to discover their distinguishing features and create a business strategy blueprint. So, what does future-ready business look like? What traits are on display and how can you steer your organisation in the right direction?

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Reset with resilience in the face of disruption

Rebound with your response to changing customer and social behaviour

Reimagine with sustainability as standard

Rethink the opportunities of a data-heavy world

Adapt by nurturing the talent to succeed

Navigating towards sustainable success

What’s interesting about these five future ready factors are the key themes that emerge as signposts for every business going forward: people, social responsibility, sustainability, data and technology. Using these key elements to rethink how you navigate moving your business forward will launch you on a journey towards continued future success – whatever the world throws at you.

The Vodafone Business Future Ready Report 2020