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Vodafone is developing an ever-expanding portfolio of resources and services to help your business move forward through the recovery and beyond with confidence.

Enjoy Complete Connectivity

A secure reliable connection is imperative to your business. The resulting impact of your broadband going down is lost time, effort and revenue. We understand the importance of keeping your business connected.

Stay connected

Complete Connectivity is the new affordable broadband and WiFi solution from Vodafone powered by Cisco Meraki. Complete Connectivity delivers secure, easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade hardware and software specifically designed to keep businesses just like yours connected without the need for in-house expertise. What’s more, should your broadband collapse, Complete Connectivity’s built-in mobile backup will automatically switch you across to our award-winning mobile data network to keep you up and running.

Stay secure

The Federation of Small Business estimates 10,000 hacking attempts are made every day on small businesses and their users. But Complete Connectivity incorporates Cisco Meraki security solutions, which include market-leading, advanced security features to keep your employees, customers and business safe. You’ll also benefit from automatic and continuous updates from world-leading security researchers to ensure you have optimal protection against new and emerging cyber threats.

Stay in control

It’s important to know your broadband solution is performing to the max to ensure you’re at your most productive and optimising value. With Cisco Meraki’s intuitive cloud-first platform built in, Complete Connectivity provides enhanced WiFi and analytics so you can monitor and troubleshoot networks and devices from anywhere. So now you have everything you need to keep you and your people connected wherever they’re working, while also remaining secure and in complete control, without the fear of being cut off from the outside world. Find out more>

The broadband you need – free for 6 months

Access to reliable broadband has been essential for businesses just like yours during the pandemic. However, cost and reliability have been issues for many, adding further pressure to an already highly stressful time. A recent study commissioned by Vodafone has highlighted a range of broadband-based challenges that small businesses are facing, revealing that:

  • 51% believe they are paying too much for broadband
  • 41% find their current broadband connection unreliable
  • 32% believe their broadband connection isn’t fast enough
  • 13% feel their current internet connection is holding them back

Vodafone came to the rescue once again by bringing back its six months’ free broadband offer to new small business customers with one to 50 employees, as well as existing customers who are due an upgrade.

Boost your web presence

Whether you’re looking to build a new website, grow your brand or protect your business and customers from cyber-attacks, Vodafone’s new business boosting packages will enable you to create or improve your web presence, reach new customers, and help you grow online. The pandemic has shown the importance of having a strong online profile to drive future success, and our packages, featuring tools powered by website creation platform Wix, have everything you need to get up and running quickly and make your website work harder for your business.

  • Design or migrate your website quickly and easily
  • Enjoy free enhanced e-commerce capabilities
  • Import content rapidly from your existing website
  • Get a free personal domain name for life
  • Benefit from 24/7 support

Find out about our three great-value unique web boosting packages…

Expert help from the frontline

You can learn so much from people who’ve been there, seen it and done it, which is why we’re giving you access to essential tips from business owners just like you who share how they’ve overcome key challenges in the following areas…

Master marketing

Part art, part science, the way you market your business to your target audience can make the difference between success and failure. To point you in the right direction, we asked five small business owners about their marketing experiences so you can learn from their advice.

Perk up your productivity

Ensuring your business is as productive as possible optimises your time and effort, and drives success, but it can be a tough nut to crack. So, who better to learn from than successful business owners who have mastered this problem in the past? We spoke to four experts to help you boost your productivity levels.

Stay cyber safe

Organisations across the UK – in urban, suburban and rural areas – will enjoy better 5G coverage thanks to a new agreement between Vodafone and O2 that enhances their existing mast-sharing partnership. Both telecommunications companies are now also trading bands to create more efficient blocks of 5G spectrum. This will boost network speeds, reduce latency even further and increase energy efficiency.