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Focusing on #TogetherWeCan… get future-work ready

Let’s come together to develop the skills and digital environment you need to make the most of new opportunities and rise to any future challenge.

As we begin to shift from survival mode to business (almost) as usual, two things have become clear. The way we work has changed forever. We now know just how important digital technology is both in supporting this new way of working and in enabling us to react quickly and positively to sudden challenges. No one can predict what’s over the horizon but the key is to be ready for anything. At Vodafone, we are focused on giving you the support and confidence you need to use digital technology to build a resilient, agile business, along with flexible, tailored services designed to address your current pain points and then grow with you.

Build your digital confidence for free

If you’re one of the 27% of small and medium-sized business owners, who according to a recent Vodafone survey, lacks the confidence to adopt the new technology essential to making your company future ready, we can help – and it won’t cost you a penny. Launched in partnership with Enterprise Nation, our new business.connected campaign will provide free, expert training to 100,000 business owners just like you, so you can boost your digital skills, and help you adopt and make the best possible use of new technology, plus stay safe online. It’s all part of our commitment to supporting the UK’s economic recovery.

Mobile phone plans that flex with you

In an uncertain, ever-changing world, Vodafone understands that you need a mobile phone plan that gives you the flexibility to adapt quickly to whatever’s round the next more >

The connectivity you need to thrive

Designed to provide you with affordable easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade broadband and WiFi for your business without the need for in-house expertise to operate more >

How have businesses coped with remote working?

The sudden imperative to work from home sent shockwaves across the small and medium-sized business community last year, but how did businesses just like yours adapt, how did they stay productive and connected, and are they now all running back to the office? Vodafone recently spoke to four business owners to find out, talking all things remote working, from the ups, the downs and the challenges they’ve had to face, to how they’ve coped.