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 Listening and responding to the small business community

Being an expert in everything is a daunting prospect. You might say it’s impossible. But every day, that’s how you feel as the owner of a small to medium-sized business (SME). You’ve taken the time and effort to recruit a talented team, but you’re still the person they turn to for guidance when facing a challenge. It’s also impossible for a growing business to take on experts in every area, and the buck has to stop somewhere. This is particularly the case in digital technology, where it’s hard to keep up with the rapid developments taking place and where skills are in short supply. And the pandemic has proven just how vital digital tools are to survival through enabling continuity and building resilience, both SME essentials during the recovery. Yet SMEs are struggling to harness the power of digital technology through an understandable lack of knowledge and major budget constraints. Some 82% of SME owners recently admitted to needing to expand their presence online, while 40% felt a lack of online sales was holding them back. But who’s listening? Those findings are the results of study carried out, not by a research company or business association, but by Vodafone. The aim was to identify the digital challenges facing SMEs in order to provide access to the right services and solutions. And this isn’t a one-off initiative…

Websites made easy with Wix

US-based website development platform Wix has over 180 million registered users around the world, enabling businesses to create, design, manage and develop their own sites, as well as add e-commerce capabilities, host a blog, or manage online scheduling and appointment bookings for a competitive monthly subscription. Just what SMEs are looking for to improve their web presence and e-commerce capability.   Wix’s services are now available for Vodafone customers through the Vodafone Business Marketplace, together with exclusive access to a dedicated website designer who will assist them every step of the way in setting up their site. The first three months’ subscription is also free for Vodafone customers, plus the second year use of their chosen domain name comes at no extra cost.

Community spirit with Enterprise Nation

Continuing its mission to provide SMEs with expert guidance on connectivity and essential help facing digital challenges, Vodafone has joined forces with leading small business community network Enterprise Nation. Partnering with a grass roots-led community platform for the first time, Vodafone will sponsor and support Enterprise Nation’s ‘Head’s Up’ initiative, a series of localised monthly business workshops for founders, helping build resilience and offering practical help. The partnership will also provide Vodafone with a deeper insight into the challenges facing SMEs.   “We are delighted to be partnering with Vodafone who have been a trusted partner and key supporter of the small business community for years,” said Emma Jones MBE, Founder and CEO of Enterprise Nation. “This partnership will enable Enterprise Nation members to tap into Vodafone’s wealth of expertise in guiding and assisting small businesses, and ensure our community of business leaders are aware of the many tools, services and solutions that are at their disposal to assist them in their business goals.”   So yes, we’re listening!

Business Unusual

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Find out more about the latest 5G innovations, born out of our recent collaborations with our customers

What's next in IoT?

Vodafone has launched a new range of IoT services that will remove barriers to IoT adoption for UK businesses. Through IoT.nxt, part of the Vodafone family, Vodafone will offer customers every part of an IoT solution, with a single data management platform, and the capability to integrate old and new devices in one system.

As part of the new range of services, Vodafone will provide IoT sensors and devices, create a data management platform, and offer ongoing professional services. This complete offering will ensure IoT is accessible to all businesses, including those that do not have specialist capabilities in-house.

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