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Where do we go from here?

How to survive – and thrive – in a post-Covid world

What a crazy year! Nothing could have prepared any of us for all the upheaval and disruption the pandemic has thrown at us. How we live and work changed almost overnight. Naturally, this led to a major focus on short-term firefighting in the quest to survive. But now it’s vital to start planning for this new evolving world to ensure you’re as ready as you can be to deal with any fresh challenges, whatever their nature, and to stay in tune with the changing demands of your customers. The question is: where do you start? The current chaos has hit most businesses for six, but some have coped better than others, whatever their market. To help you understand what it will take not just to survive, but also to thrive going forward, Vodafone set out on a mission to find ‘future ready’ businesses – those that have handled the pandemic well – to discover their secret. So what does future-ready business look like? What traits are on display and how can they be nurtured?

Strength in adversity

Adapting to changing behaviour

Sustainability as standard

The data’s there… so use it

Nurturing the right talent

Towards sustainable success

What’s interesting about these five future ready factors are the key themes that emerge as survival mechanisms for every business going forward: people, social responsibility, sustainability, data and technology. Building your strategy around these will help future-proof your company as it grows – whatever the world has in store.

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